In the UK we love our pets with more than half of us adopting a canine or feline friend. They make a house a home and brighten up our day coming home to them after work.

For this very reason, we’d like to highlight some fantastic design features we can create with Masterclass Kitchens to create a cosy space for your favourite furry pal. From food preparation areas to cosy nooks, we have kitchen design ideas which are both stylish and practical.

Read on to be inspired to create a pet-friendly kitchen for your dog, cat and other snuggly friends.

Dog Bed Area

Dog beds tend to take up large corners of a room, often in the kitchen and aren’t generally pleasing aesthetically. To create a cosy space for your pooch and keep your kitchen looking beautiful, ask our team to incorporate this clever design solution. Your dog will love his dedicated space and you’ll continue to love the look of your kitchen!


Kitchens can look beautiful, but to be practical they need smart storage. If you have pets, it’s important to consider where you’d like to store items like your pet’s food, treats, bowls and toys. We recommend considering the MagnaSpace, the pullout larder is a fantastic storage solution which is available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes making it easy to incorporate into your kitchen design.

Chef’s Table

The chef’s table is a hard-working, multi-storage solution design favourite. It gives you a great area for preparing your furry friends meals and provides you with extra worktop space in general. Plus you gain extra storage space, the drawer is ideal for pet treats & food and the shelf can be used as a feeding station or space to store pet bowls and toys. The chef’s table is perfect for keeping your pets feeding time clean & tidy.

Boot Room

The boot room design is the perfect solution for your homes entranceway or utility room. It gives a sense of luxury to your design whilst providing an ideal area to clean muddy furry friends with soggy paws. The draws give you space to tidy away your pet’s leads, accessories and towels so you’re prepared to dry them off after lovely family walks as soon as they enter your home.

For more ideas on how to create the perfect space for your pet in the kitchen, contact our team who would love to help.

Feeling inspired to create your own pet-friendly kitchen?

Come visit our showroom to view the boot room and other storage solutions designed to create your dream kitchen.

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