With more people working from home it’s time to start thinking of how you can create a space that works for you.

We know that cleverly designed spaces can have a direct impact on your productivity and creativity, therefore it is essential to take time and find the best home office solution for you,

Remember, you don’t need a home office to create a space that will work for your working needs which is why we’ve created a simple guide on ways to maximise your space.

Separate work from home

It is crucial when working from home you create clear distinctions between home and work life therefore zoning your kitchen is crucial. With the rise in open-plan living, it has meant more homes have the ability to zone areas for different uses. Take the time to analyse your space and find an area you can clearly zone as your work station.

Utilise your kitchen island

If you’re unable to find a dedicated space for your home office, why not utilise a kitchen island? If you have an island with a seating area this can work perfectly as a large open space to work.

Think of your lighting

The lighting in your home office is a key factor to consider, with studies found that lighting can improve your mood, energy and productivity. The more natural light, the better so try positing your home office near a window to keep you focused and alert. If you’re not blessed with natural light finding a good desk lamp can instantly brighten your space.

Re-organise your storage

Having a space with adequate storage will create an organised environment, a cluttered space can affect your productivity so getting yourself organised is essential. To ensure your files and stationery are organised, re-asses your current storage and find a dedicated area for all of your workspace items.

Internal drawers like our SpaceTower are a great storage solution to organise your belongings, with all your items in easy reach.

Indoor Plants

Bring the outdoors to you by adding some indoor plants to your workspace. The addition of greenery can inject a bit of zen to your space along with all the fantastic health benefits. Indoor plants can improve oxygen levels in your home, clean the air around your home and remove levels of toxic vapours.

Feeling inspired?

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