Sutton H Line

Silk – Handleless Kitchen

H Line Sutton


A modern slab design that is cold pressed and foil faced. Combine your Silk colour with our ‘Birch Ply Edge’ and really make your handleless kitchen stand out from the rest.

Door Specifications

Our Sutton range door is a flat slab door made of MDF (a medium-density fibreboard). It has been cold pressed making its Silk finish beautifully smooth on both the front and back of the doors. The doors are 18.5mm thick and have a 1mm thick Silk ABS edge – this is a robust, quality plastic. The Sutton door is also available in our ‘Birch Ply Effect Edge’ to really make your kitchen stand out from the rest.


Start your kitchen journey

Come visit us to get a design and quote for H Line Sutton. If you’re not quite ready to see us yet, then find your inspiration in our complimentary brochures.

Kitchen Door Colours

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