Top tips to decorate your kitchen this Christmas.


It’s so close to Christmas and everyone has their favourite decorations up, but have you considered decorating your kitchen?

It’s one of the most used rooms over the festive period, the social hub of your home. You might be baking delicious treats (click here see some of our recipes for ideas), cooking an amazing Christmas dinner or serving up the champagne to see in the New Year. It’s a place where many Christmas memories are made.

However, many of us forget to add some sparkling decorations to our lovely kitchens. We want to help you bring cheerful enhancements to your kitchen without restricting its practicality.

Get Christmas alternatives for your kitchen essentials

We all need to use oven mitts, tea towels and aprons during our cooking and baking; have you considered Christmas alternatives? There’s a wide selection to choose from in your local retailers, from funny aprons through to oven mitts shaped like reindeers and aprons with personalised messages. They make great Christmas gifts too for those who love to bake.

Bring evergreens into your kitchen this Christmas

There is no decoration more Christmassy than a pine tree, however, the amount of space that takes up in a kitchen is not ideal. Consider choosing a mini tree to place on window seals or use evergreen garlands to decorate open shelves and open spaces above cabinets and mantlepieces. If you’re a wreath fan like us, you could hang one on a spare wall to create a natural feeling in your kitchen.

Boot rooms get festive

Boot rooms are quite often attached to the kitchen and provide an excellent space to add some festive cheer.

Why not place some beautiful light-up decorations to the top shelf, providing a touch of festive ambience. Or mix up the pillows to a collection of Christmas options, maybe a Santa pillow or a classic holly and ivy pattern.

Time to get creative

Christmas is an expensive time of the year, but decorating your kitchen doesn’t have to be. Inject some individuality into your kitchen by creating new decorations from items you already have.

Use wine glasses and place baubles you already have inside to create a festive feature in a bar area or place your Christmas cake in a clear case and use it as a decoration (they look stunning, show it off).

Create a feature of your alcohol cabinets

We open the cocktail cabinet doors all the time in the showroom as it’s such a stunning feature, so what better time is there than Christmas to do this within your home.

Arrange the glasses and bottle of spirits for your guests to have easy access and add festive garlands (you can easily get Christmas & New Year ones in town) to up the wow factor. We’re certain this cabinet will get great use during the party season.

Candles for scent & lighting

Candles give a beautiful glow, perfect for giving your kitchen a festive feel as well as a gorgeous smell. Why not opt for a cinnamon or peppermint smell to really ramp up the Christmas touch. 

Feeling inspired?

We’d love to hear how you decorate your kitchen for Christmas, send your pictures via our Facebook page.

If you’re looking for a new kitchen in 2020, book your free design appointment today. We can show you how to incorporate features shown in this article like the boot room, mantlepiece and open shelving.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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