Choosing the right design features for your kitchen


It can be overwhelming to choose the right design features for your kitchen with so many options to decide between. Joe, Owner of Home Sweet Home, discusses his favourite design features and how they can be both stylish and practical.

All the tips can bring your kitchen and other living areas a wow factor whilst providing sensible storage solutions. Once you’ve read below visit the showroom to view some of the design ideas in real life.

Open Shelving

With our open shelving options, you are able to create a kitchen design that is warm, welcoming and practical. Open shelving provides limitless storage possibilities for your kitchen with practical space for cookbooks and pans or decorative space for photos and plants.

Open shelving is ideal for smaller kitchens as it can help to make it look bigger and brighter. With the limitless possibilities our open shelving provides, which configuration will you choose? Visit our showroom to see a few possibilities.

Boot Room

One of my personal favourite design ideas and quickly becoming one of our most desired design features is the Boot Room. You’ll create an instant statement from the moment you walk through the door and it’s perfect for sitting down to take off muddy boots whilst creating great storage for pet leads, toys and treats.

Additional Seating

If you have a beautiful view in your kitchen why not turn it into a comfy seating area with furniture which perfectly complements your kitchen. It also provides essential additional storage.

Tall Dresser

This is a timeless feature in any shaker kitchen, which provides plenty of storage. If you choose one of our stunning vibrant paint colours, such as Oxford Blue shown, you’ll create an elegant feature in your kitchen or open-plan living area. It really is a true classic.

Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table is simply fantastic! It creates an instant homely feel to any kitchen. The Chef’s table is available in an incredible 25 painted colours. Matched with the solid wood chopping block its both a stylish design feature and practical work area.

For more ideas on how to create great-looking storage in your kitchen, contact our team who would love to help.

Feeling inspired to create your own kitchen with these design features?

Come visit our showroom to view the boot room and other storage solutions designed to create your dream kitchen.

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