Step by step guide

Although we can’t currently visit you for a home survey you can start your journey towards your dream kitchen at home today using our simple three-step guide to measuring a kitchen.

This easy to follow guide will allow our kitchen designer to start creating your dream kitchen right away.

Step One

The first place to begin is creating an outline of your kitchen using our grid paper. When drawing your outline, remember to add any structural features and protrusions you may have in your space. Your plan is only a rough guideline for our designer so there’s no need to worry if it isn’t perfect.

Step Two

This is the part when you start adding the structural detail, this could be windows, doors, archways along with any boilers, pipes and electrical meters. These details are important to ensure each part of your design works for the architecture of your home.

Step Three

The final part is measuring each area, simply label the areas that need measuring and get the measuring tape out! The information you provide will help our designer start your inspirational design and they’ll be in contact if they need more information.

If you’re looking for some inspiration before a design consultation, take a look at our blog for helpful guides and tips for home renovations as well as real completed kitchens on our Facebook page.


This shows an idea of the key measurements that will help our designer begin your plans. Send the plans to Any questions please contact us via our form or call 01271 267310.

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