Fun science experiments to do at home with the family.

Ruth MacLaren, from Sciencedipity, is our next North Devon based business to be one of our special guest bloggers. Ruth has shared a brilliant and simple experiment you can try out in your kitchen. Don’t forget to tag us (@homesweethomekitchenstudio) & Sciencedipity (@sciencedipitydevon) if you post a completed project on Facebook, we’d love to see your finished items.

Enjoy Ruth’s article!

Rainbow Skittles Science

An easy experiment you can do in your kitchen from @Sciencedipity, your local non-profit Community Interest Company.

Get ready to roll out a real rainbow treat! This is such a simple experiment that takes seconds, and it’ll show you how diffusion makes colour molecules go from high to low concentration…and then create bands of blended colour.

What you need:

  • A large packet of skittles
  • White plate
  • Water

How to do it:

1) Shake a bag of skittles out on to the table, so you can see all the colours easily

2) Choose your fave colours or use lots of random ones. Up to you!

3) Take your time laying out the skittles in fun patterns on the white plate, try shapes like a smiley face, arrows and hearts

5) Gently pour water on to the plate, up to about half the height of the skittles

6) Sit back and watch as the skittles’ colours seep out to create magical waves of colour

Want to know why the colours seep out? Fancy some more easy experiments to do? Then grab our free super easy experiments download here:

Sciencedipity is your local non-profit science outreach company offering hands-on science events for schools, entertainment at corporate events, community workshops, weekend clubs, holiday club and science parties.

Now it’s your turn. Give it a go and make sure you share pictures of your experiments with us.

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