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You may have been recommened to try Himalayan salt lamps, but not sure why? Below we explore some of the believed health and environmental benefits which make them very beneficial for the home, see how you can benefit today with these positive facts!

1/ Salt lamps can cleanse the air

If you’re one of the 5.4 million people who suffer from asthma in the UK this will certainly be of interest to you. The concept is that water vapours, which carry air pollutants, are attracted to the salt rocks suface and deposits the nasty particles. This then leaves the surroundings clean and allergen-free.

2/ Salt lamps can help you breathe easy

Salt lamps are also believed to help your airways by attracting toxins to their surface. It’s thought by breathing in micro salt particles, it’ll help to break down mucus, which can be a big help in the winter months.

4/ Salt lamps can improve your mood

Some research has suggested the exposure to a salt lamp can increase the levels of chemicals serotonin and tryptophan in the body. Both chemicals are associated with regulating mood, therefore salt lamps are attributed to easing symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

3/ Salt lamps can help you sleep better

Looking at the dim light emitted by salt lamps and be soothing and reduce stress levels. Mix with a drop of lavender to a salt lamp oil burner is the perfect combination of light therapy and relaxing scents for an extra peaceful nights sleep.

5/ Salt lamps look pretty cool

Their soothing pink tones promote relaxation and are quite the quirky feature and talking point in any home. With each lamp unique in shape and colour, they’re ideal lighting for anyone who wants a different piece to add to their home.

Feeling inspired to add a relaxing salt lamp to your home?

Come visit our homewares shop to choose your ideal salt lamp. We have many options in various sizes as well as white salt lamps which vary in relaxing colours to further promote relaxation. 

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